Scion Virtual Reality Glasses

750.00 PHP

Be inside your movie or game

Transform your smartphone into your ultimate entertainment tool! These VR glasses are compatible with devices up to 6-inches long.

Designed for the experience

With leatherette cushion and head strap. Your smartphone won't fall the next time you jump playing that scary game!

Adjust your views

Built with 2 knobs on the each side so you can set your viewing distance and the distance between the lenses.

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What if you live in the world of your favorite video game or movie? With Scion Virtual Reality Glasses, now you'll know what it's like to be in the game! 

VR 3D glasses will turn your smartphone into your ultimate entertainment hub. Immerse yourself in your movies and games like never before! All you have to do is place your smartphone in this virtual reality glasses, secure the locks, and start playing. Smartphones with sizes of up to 6 inches can fit so everybody in the family can take turns!

As for the Scion VR specs, this VR 3D glasses has knobs and buttons on its side so you can adjust it to your comfort. You can change your viewing distance and the distance of the lenses to suit your sight. Built with a soft leatherette cushion and an adjustable strap, your VR will be firmly secured to your head. This is useful especially in games where you need to swish your arms to all directions, just to get those zombies away from you! Maximize this wonderful piece of technology by downloading virtual reality apps.

Discover a whole new level of gaming or viewing experience with Scion Virtual Reality Glasses. It’s compatible to Android and iOS devices. Get yours here at Globe Online Shop.

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Compatibility Android, iOS, and other devices up to 6-inches long
Function Adjustable viewing lens
Materials Soft leatherette cushion
Headband Adjustable head strap for any size
Weight 500g
Dimensions 21x11x15cm
Color Black