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Screen Sergeant iPhone 7 Screen Protector

499.00 PHP
  • Strong protective glass layer with 9H hardness rating made for iPhone 7
  • Crystallize Tempered Glass technology protects your phone from scratches, cracks, and drops
  • Easy-to-apply film with dry adhesive that creates a bubble-free and clear screen

Screen Sergeant Tempered Glass for iPhone 7 is the best screen protector for your new, expensive iPhone. 
It’ll protect your premium phone from scratches and impact of accidental drops. Here’s why this tough item is built for harsh conditions:

Your Screen Sergeant tempered glass screen protector is made with Crystallize Tempered Glass technology, which is designed to withstand cracks and impacts. The 9H hardness makes your smartphone incredibly strong. Aside from the glass, a Silicon adhesive layer is dissolved and disposed between the first and second conductive coating layers, strengthening the intensity of the buffer glass protective film and making it twice as hard as traditional tempered glass protectors. This doesn’t only add strength to the screen, but also makes it bubble-free. With a clear screen, enjoy the sheer beauty of the Retina display, and appreciate the sleek metal body of your iPhone 7. Don’t ruin the original design by covering it with a thick case and screen protector.

If you happen to break your iPhone 7, an iPhone screen replacement may not be possible. Therefore, get your new Screen Sergeant Tempered Glass for iPhone 7 here at Globe Online Shop. Make sure to guard your iPhone 7 at its best with this incredibly strong tempered glass screen protector.

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