Star Wars Sphero BB-8

12500.00 PHP

Accomplish missions with your droid

Awaken the Force in your house with this entertaining ball-shaped astromech droid —Star Wars Sphero BB-8.

Roll with BB-8

Control your little robot from your smartphone or tablet and let it roam around your house.

The future of technology has come

Record, send, and view holographic videos with your Droid. BB-8 also responds and reacts to your voice.

Star Wars Sphero BB-8 is an interactive Bluetooth device that can play with you all day and keep you company. With his domed head and ball-shaped body, be amazed at the new Star Wars astromech droid! See how this Bluetooth toy can pull off some amazing tricks.

Patrol or Drive?
Are you trying to sneak upon the enemy? BB-8 is up to the task! With a unique Patrol feature, let your nifty droid go out on his own. He can map out the surrounding area to avoid collisions with nearby objects. While on patrol, he can keep you updated by relaying his speed, temperature, and movements straight to your mobile device.

Are you preparing to take on the enemy by yourself? Let BB-8 accompany you on your mission! With Drive feature, use your smartphone to guide your droid throughout the course. Slide your finger on the pad and BB-8 will go where you want him to. He can reach speeds of up to 4.5 miles per hour!

Interactive Commands
Thanks to the Sphero BB-8’s voice commands feature, tell BB-8 what to do and he’ll do it! Be entertained by the different animations and actions contained in his database. For example, if you say, “OK BB-8, it’s a trap!”, he’ll instantly roll away to a different direction. You can also ask him how he’s feeling or what’s he thinking about. You’ll definitely be amazed by his witty response!

Compact and Authentic Design
Welcome a new addition to your growing Star Wars collection! Finely-crafted to match the original BB-8, impress your friends with the compact Star Wars Sphero BB-8. Your ball-shaped astromech droid measures 11.4 x 7.3 centimeters and weighs only 200 grams, making it easy to bring anywhere you want to.

Discover the wonders of the galaxy with this delightful and entertaining astromech droid. With his interactive features and adaptive personality, Star Wars Sphero BB-8 is here to bring the Star Wars experience to your house!

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