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Star Wars Stormtrooper Car Charger

P872.00 PHP
  • Cool, compact, and portable 2x2-inch Stormtrooper car charger

  • Genuine Star Wars merchandise from Disney

  • Comes with USB Port that provides 2.1 amps of energy

Star Wars Stormtrooper Car Charger is here to back you up with power in time for the Rebel attacks. Connect any of your devices that charges via micro-USB and restore full battery in no time. Traveling is now made more fun because the elite soldiers will be driving with you and your gadgets wherever you go!

Massive Power from the Empire

The fun should not stop when you lose your battery on the road. Harness the power of the Galactic Empire to fuel your gadget’s juice and get back to your mission in an instant. Designed to be plugged into your car’s 12-volt power outlet, use cool Star Wars car accessories to tap 2.1 amps of energy so you can power up your smartphone, tablets, laptops, mp3 players and more!

Compact and Flexible Design

You’ll never know when the need for back-up power arises, that’s why your USB charger is designed to be compact, lightweight, and handy. Take out your 2x2-inch accessory and start powering up your smartphones or tablets. With a flexible arm pivot 4.25 inches deep, move your Stormtrooper up and down to get a more secure fit for your power-hungry gizmos in the car.

Genuine Star Wars Merchandise

Add another tool to your growing Star Wars collectibles. The Star Wars Stormtrooper Car Charger is a genuine Star Wars merchandise that guarantees you with quality and authenticity. Your Stormtrooper car charger comes with a gorgeous glossy finish and articulate details that’s just like the helmets of the Empire’s troops. Impress your family and friends whenever they hop in to your car. You can also display it together with your other Star Wars goodies.

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