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Stick Anywhere iPhone 6 Case

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  • A unique, slim black protective case for iPhone 6 / iPhone 6s

  • Nano-suction design lets you stick your phone to any surface, perfect when you’re driving or on the go.

  • Raised TPU edges that prevent scratches on your camera and screen

Stick Anywhere iPhone 6 Case gives you the capability to do everything you need to do with your iPhone 6 or 6s, without having to hold it or stabilize it with a tripod. Globe Online Shop offers one of the coolest phone cases today, and you’ve found it! If you’re asking what can you possibly need a stick anywhere iPhone case for, check these out:

For girls, stick it on a mirror so you can watch makeup tutorials while doing your makeup. For guys, stick it on a mirror so you can continue watching games while you shave. For couples, stick it on a glass panel so can shoot a selfie - no need to extend your arms, no need to bring a tripod, and no more cropped shots now that your whole bodies and the entire background are complete seen! While working out, stick it on a flat metal bar in the gym so you can play music / see your time performance – no more risk of losing your phone or accidentally breaking it. Whether you’re a mixed-martial artist or a skateboarder, stick your phone on a wall, press record, and let your iPhone capture your best moves!

This zero G anti-gravity case can do all these because of its nano-suction material that sticks to most surfaces. Aside from a stick-anywhere case, it’s also protects your precious iPhone. It has durable and grip-friendly TPU edges for impact protection, simple-press buttons on its sides so you can feel the click, convenient access to cable and charging ports, and raised edges to protect your screen from touching the surface. Get your Stick Anywhere iPhone 6 Case here at Globe Online Shop!