Stick Anywhere iPhone 6 Plus Case

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Stick Anywhere iPhone 6 Plus Case is the life-hack for your iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus that you’ve been waiting for. One of the best iPhone cases in the market is now offered her at Globe Online Shop! You’re probably asking, “why do I need a stick anywhere iPhone 6 Plus case?” Here’s why you need this mega anti gravity case:

For aspiring filmmakers with a premium iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus, stick this on a wall and start shooting scenes. No need to set up a tripod or wear a stabilizer while shooting. If you want to show and tell that you’ve finally made that difficult skateboard trick, stick this on a wall and record that awesome stunt. For graphic artists, stick this on your desktop screen so you can easily compare notes from your computer to your smartphone. For pianists, stick this on your piano and read notes from your smartphone screen. For chefs, stick this on your kitchen cupboard so you can make your recipes without getting your phone wet. For on-the-go entrepreneurs, stick this on a wall and have a quick conference call with your clients. For you, stick this on any wall and watch a movie with your friend.

This zero G iPhone case can do all these because of its nano-suction material that sticks to most surfaces. It also protects your phone with its durable and grip-friendly TPU edges, designed for impact protection. It has raised edges to protect your screen and camera, simple-press buttons let you feel your every click, and large openings for cable and charging ports. Get your Stick Anywhere iPhone 6 Plus Case here at Globe Online Shop!