Supremo Dual Battery Charger

360.00 PHP

Double up on the power

This device has two ports for simultaneously charging two batteries. Ensure that you have batteries ready for your adventures!

Convenient and safe to use

Red and blue LED's indicate charging status. Plus, automatic constant current control prevents overcharging, short circuit, and electric shock.

Pair it with your favorite camera

Complete your Supremo 4K Action Camera equipment with this safe and fast-charging device!

Whether it's breathtaking views, stunning waterfalls, or awesome deep sea sceneries, get enough power to capture them all with the Supremo Dual Battery Charger. It features dual charging capability, nifty design, and fast-charging technology. Easily power up your Supremo 4K WiFi Action Camera with this battery charger and record all your travels!

More ports, more power
Since the Supremo 4K WiFi Action Camera comes with two rechargeable batteries, you need a charger that suits this need. That's where the Supremo charger comes in. It has two charging ports so you can power up both batteries at the same time. Spend less time charging and more time shooting your adventures!

Follow the light
Check in on your device easily. This battery recharger comes with a handy dual LED indicator that shows the charging status. A red light indicates charging in progress. A blue light means a full charge. Now you know when to unplug and when to continue charging.

Reach 100% power without a hitch
Make sure your Supremo camera gets powered up quickly and safely. This dual battery charger has fast-charging technology and automatic constant current control. This prevents the camera battery from overcharging, short circuit, and electric shock.

Charge up two batteries simultaneously with the Supremo Dual Battery Charger and get down to taking shots of your adventures! This battery charger is priced P360 here at Globe Online Shop. Get yours today!

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Compatibility Supremo 4K Action Camera
Features Fast-charging technology
Indicator Red and blue LEDs
Security Automatic constant current control to prevent battery from overcharging, short circuit, and electric shock