Tech21 Evo Check Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

1990.00 PHP

More layers, more protection

The FlexShock material and 3-layer impact absorption system protect your Galaxy S8 from drops of up to 10ft high.

Less weight, less hassle

The light and ultra-thin design of this protective case ensure that your phone is still easy to carry.

Easy to install, easy to use

Attach Evo Check to your phone without hassle. Plus, the precise ports let you easily access the phone buttons.

Keep your beloved S8 looking as beautiful as the day you took it out of the box. The Tech21 Evo Check Samsung Galaxy S8 Case features advanced drop protection in a lightweight and easy to install design. Find out why this shockproof case is the best for your Galaxy S8!

Don't let your clumsy ways be your phone's downfall! Equip your phone with the Tech 21 Evo case. Made of FlexShock material and an all-new 3-layer impact absorption system, it protects your phone from drops up to 10 feet high.

Get heavy-duty protection in a lightweight design. This Galaxy S8 phone case is light and ultra-thin, protecting your phone at no added bulk. It's easy to install and to remove so you can give your phone a quick clean easily. Access your phone’s ports and function buttons comfortably, thanks to the case’s precise openings. Plus, get a comfortable grip on your mobile as the Evo Check sits securely in your hand.

Give your S8 a stylish yet protective armor! Get the Tech21 Evo Check Samsung Galaxy S8 Case today or check out other Samsung accessories here at the Globe Online Shop.

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