TrackR Bravo

1599.00 PHP

Mind your stuff

Find and track your items with TrackR's distance indicator app and item ringer.

Calls out your attention

It comes with a Phone Finder feature that rings your phone even when it's on silent mode.

Never leave the house without it

The custom 2-way separation alert sends a notification on your app before you leave your item behind.

Save precious time with the TrackR Bravo! A new accessory from TrackR Bravo PH, Globe Online Shop brings you a new tracking device that’ll keep you and your most important items together. Never lose your keys or misplace your phone or wallet again!

If you’re always in a hurry, it’s critical that your keys, wallet, or phone are easy to find. Start by attaching the coin-sized TrackR Bravo on your item and download the TrackR Bravo app. With a quick finger tap on your mobile device, this lost item tracker will start to emit a ringing sound so you’ll know where it’s located. If you’re in a distant location (out of hearing distance), TrackR Bravo can locate your items via GPS. You won’t ever leave your stuff behind.

This nifty tool is constructed with a sleek and beautiful anodized aluminum, making a thin and durable tracking device. As compared to other tracking devices, Trackr Bravo has a battery life of up to one year so you don’t need to replace batteries every now and then. If you’ve already used the app “Google Find my Phone” then this tracker will be easier for you to use. Trackr bravo price is at P1,599 only. Get yours here at Globe Online Shop!


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