Trident Aegis iPhone 7 Case

1249.00 PHP

Multi-layered design

Made from bio-enhanced Polycarbonate and durable TPE. Protect your phone against accidental drops from as high as 6 feet.

Protection and style

The Trident Aegis case is only 0.5 inches thin. Protect your iPhone without the additional bulk.

All-around guard

With its raised bezel on the front, your iPhone Retina HD screen won't touch flat, dirty surfaces.

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Whenever a person buys a new phone, the next thing on their list is a case that fits perfectly. However, the dilemma people often think of is that cases might only damage their phone or it might not give the kind of protection their phone needs. The Trident Aegis iPhone 7 Case can give you the security your iPhone needs.

This Trident phone case is made from durable, bio-enhanced polycarbonate materials that are degradable, compostable, and recyclable. It was Military Tested for impact resistance against drops and vibration. Use your iPhone every day with confidence now that it’s encased in this mobile accessory.

Aside from the superb qualities of protection from this case, it also looks good on its own. For a heavy duty case, it’s slim and lightweight. Now, your iPhone 7 is secured without an additional weight and a bulky feel. Protect your iPhone 7 from daily scratches and dirt and make it look good as new. With the Tridents Aegis iPhone 7 Case, you can do just that. Check out more iPhone 7 cases here at Globe Online Shop.

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