Trident Electra Charging Pad

2499.00 PHP

No wires, no problem

Thanks to its inductive charging method, wirelessly charge your device by placing it on top of the charging pad.

Fashionable functionality

With its slim design, anti-skid features, LED lights, and onyx leather body, this charging device is ergonomic in your hands.

Power for almost all your devices

This wireless charging case is compatible with all Qi-enabled phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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Juicing up to 100% has never been this easy! With the new Trident Electra Charging Pad, enjoy hassle-free, wireless charging in a stylish and slim package. Read more about the features of this nifty phone charger pad.

Stay on top of your charging needs
Restore your battery power by simply placing your phone on top of the charging pad. No need to use tedious wires as the Electra uses an inductive charging method called Qi wireless charging. This handy process transfers power wirelessly to your Qi-equipped device. Now you can instantly give your phone the charging energy it needs without the annoying wires.

Balance of substance and style
This charging pad delivers a combination of functionality and fashion. It's made of superior onyx leather fabric for a high-quality texture and anti-skid features. The slim design makes it a space-saver and easy to transport. Plus, it comes with LED lights which indicate the charging status of your device.

Use it for your favorite gadgets
The newest wireless charger in the Trident Electra series is compatible with all Qi-enabled phones and Electra Qi Wireless Charging Cases. It's also equipped with a micro USB port, micro USB cable, and AC adapter. Plug it in and power away!

Experience easy and hassle-free device charging with the Trident Electra Charging Pad! Get yours today here or browse other Apple and Samsung wireless chargers here at Globe Online Shop.

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