Trident Electra Series Powerbank

3999.00 PHP

Choose how you power-up

Charge Qi-equipped devices wirelessly by placing it on top of this charging pad. It also supports USB powered devices.

One for everything

Re-charge all your USB-powered mobile devices—smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras.

Elegantly-designed high-capacity powerbank

The Series is built with soft-touch polycarbonate. This power bank is not only powerful but looks sleek as well!

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While waiting for an important call or in the middle of battling the boss in your favorite game, it’s annoying when your phone suddenly dies. With the Trident Electra Series Powerbank, this won't be a problem anymore. Power up your device using a powerful and cool-looking power bank with two-way charging capability.

Fill up your device’s tank
Browsing social media and listening to playlists consume a lot of your battery. With this 6,000mAh Electra power bank, you can avoid these hassles and continue using your phone. This charging dock is made of a high-capacity lithium polymer that’s rechargeable and lightweight. Bring it anywhere you go as a back-up for emergency purposes.

Take your pick
Using this phone charger, power up your devices in two ways! Place your Qi-equipped smartphone on its wireless charging pad or use the USB port by plugging in your cable. The Trident charging pad has an anti-skid ribbon that ensures your device stays in place while recharging.

Powerful and stylish
Complement your device with this neat power bank. It’s housed in a soft-touch polycarbonate casing, giving it a clean look and comfortable feel. Not only are you prepared for emergencies, you also get a stylish power bank that matches your phone.

Having a power bank is convenient especially when your battery runs out while you’re out. Get the Trident Electra Series Powerbank here at Globe Online Shop and experience the joy of having an extended battery life.

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