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Urbanears Bagis Earbuds

1350.00 PHP
  • Stylish in-ear earphones with built-in mic and remote for playing music and taking calls

  • Fabric-wrapped and tangle-free cord that's available in different colors

  • Comes with SnapConstruction feature that connects your earbuds for easy storage

Urbanears Bagis is one step closer to living in the colorful world of music. This audio device is offered in funky hues, giving you that positive vibe every time you plug it in your phone. Now, you can impress your friends with impeccable taste in style and music. Bagis comes with a SnapConstruction feature, making stowage easier. Simply snap those ear buds together and store it away! You can also take important calls hassle-free with this headset via its built-in microphone. With several features and an affordable price, your Bagis is simply a great steal!

Guaranteed Noise-reduction

With an in-ear headphone like this, you’re sure to enjoy your songs more without hearing those annoying background noises. Bagis fits comfortably in your ears, promising you utmost quality in every song played. You’re guaranteed crisp and balanced sound from this Urbanear headphone. Enjoy bus rides no matter how long they get, because with this noise-reducing earplugs, you can now relax and focus on your music.

Colorful Choices Available

Today, earphones aren’t just used for listening to music. These tools also serve as an extra accessory whenever you go out in the streets. With your very own Bagis, delight in a simple yet fashionable tool, which is perfect for completing your look. It comes in over ten different shades, so you’ll never run out choices. You can pick one that speaks your personality, shows off your mood, or matches your outfit of the day! No matter what you’re wearing, you can always wear your trendy Urbanears headphones and listen to fine tunes in style.

Hands-free Phone Calls

Phone conversations are now made hands-free with the Urbanears Bagis. Equipped with a microphone and one-button remote, you can easily pause your music and take important calls while on-the-go. Now you don’t have to feel torn between answering a call or finishing your tasks. Just take out your earphones with a mic and talk to that loved one without keeping your hands busy.

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Audio Input 3.5mm
Color Black, Grey, Tomato, Indigo, Forget Me Not, Julep, Citrus, Rowan, Moss, Mulberry
Frequency Range 20Hz-20kHz