Wraps Talk In-Ear Headphones

1690.00 PHP

Within your reach

Designed to be wrapped around your wrist when not in use, it makes sure you won't lose your headphones again!

Excellent sounds for you

The Wraps Talk has 10mm dynamic speakers to deliver high-quality audio.

Easy usage for on the go

The universal one-button microphone lets you play or pause music and answer calls while running errands.

Wraps Talk In-Ear Headphones offers a new meaning to the phrase “wear your headphones". Not only that it emits excellent sound quality, this pair of headphones is not easy to lose. Amazingly, it also works as a fashion accessory! Check out why you need this in ear headphones in your travels.

For music gurus, having the best headphones is a must. As an audio device, Wraps earphones features 20Hz-20kHz frequency response, 80dB/1mW sensitivity, 16Ohms impedance, and 10mm dynamic speakers. Combined, it offers powerful heavy bass and crisp sounds for any music genre – rock, hip hop, pop, or EDM. The wire is made of braided textile material that looks rustic and natural, perfect for artists and adventurers. Plus, it doesn’t easily tear, get tangled, or wear out so it’s the audio device to get if you travel or commute a lot.

It’s better that you call it “Wraps wristband headphones” because that’s exactly what it is. It boasts a unique design that’ll ensure that you won’t lose your headphones when you’re not using it. It’s built with a patented clasp that keeps the alloy heads, slider, and jack plug all connected together, transforming it into a stylish, swagger wristband. Yes you heard that right, it’s a pair of headphones that works as a wristband. So what are you waiting for? Grab Wraps Talk In-Ear Headphones here at Globe Online Shop today!

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