X-Doria Defense Clear for Samsung Galaxy S8+

1295.00 PHP

Triple the protection

The rubbery TPU outer lining, special DropShield liner, and hard polycarbonate shield deliver maximum protection.

Elevation from surfaces

Keep your S8+ screen off tables and flat surfaces with the raised front lip.

Perfect for showing off or storing away

The clear and slim design matches your S8 Plus’ sleek aesthetics and lets you keep it aside easily.

Jolts, drops, and scratches are no longer a problem for your beloved smartphone with the X-Doria Defense Clear for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus! It delivers triple layer shock protection in a clear and slim design. Know more about this nifty Samsung S8+ case.

With high-grade triple layer protection, the Defense Clear for S8+ is a sure triple threat. The first is a clear, rubbery TPU which lines the outer edge of your case and provides a firm grip, button protection, and drop protection. The second layer is a special DropShield polymer that absorbs shocks and jolts. Topping it off is the clear hard polycarbonate shield, which protects the main body of your S8 Plus. Plus, get additional protection thanks to the raised front lip, which keeps your phone screen off tables and other flat surfaces.

This clear cover case delivers protection while letting you showcase your S8 Plus' sophisticated design. Plus, it's slim enough to place in your pocket easily.

Enjoy multi-layered protection, minus the bulk. Get the X-Doria Defense Clear for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus today or browse other S8 Plus cases here at the Globe Online Shop!

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