X-Doria Defense Shield iPhone 7 Plus Case

1695.00 PHP

Compliments your handheld

The case provides Military-Grade drop protection to secure your phone, but it doesn’t hide its natural aesthetic.

Inside fortification

Soft rubber linings on the inside of the case ensure that the metal will not damage your device.

All around protection

A raised lip protects the screen from touching other services from any surface and from drops.

Machined metal is one of the most modern materials used in smartphone protection. Serving as an alternative to plastic, it allows better protection for your iPhone. The machined metal of the X-Doria Defense Shield iPhone 7 Case in particular allows for up to a 6.6 inch drop on concrete. 

In addition, the X-Doria iPhone 7 case also has a raised lip feature. So your device is protected even when its face down. There’s no need to worry about even the slightest scratches on your phone that can happen from even the most innocent activities. 

But while other phone cases are simple in the sense that there is just one material used, the X-Doria case takes into consideration the internal damages that can occur. It has a soft rubber lining that protects the phone from internal possible scratches, but the extremities of the case is made of a polycarbonate shell. The X-Doria Defense Shield iPhone 7case is perfect for an active lifestyle, so get yours now at the Globe Online Store. 

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