Yoobao PL10 Polymer Powerbank

850.00 PHP

Great power in a slim frame

This ultra-thin powerbank measures 16mm in width yet packs a punch with 10,000mAh capacity.

Comprehensive protection against common issues

Enjoy safe and stable charging as it provides 9-way protection against over-charging, short-circuit, and more.

Convenient ports for different devices

The aluminum alloy body comes with lightning and micro input to let you charge different devices easily.


This item is only available in Metro Manila.

No power? No problem! The Yoobao PL10 Polymer Powerbank features a large battery capacity, intelligent protection system, and sleek slim design to give your devices the juice they need. With the PL10, charging anytime and anywhere is easy. Discover more about this powerful portable charger.

Engineered to let you do more
Sending important work emails, scrolling through countless Facebook posts, trying to finish that multiplayer battle in the latest video game. People are attached to their smartphones and use them all the time for various functions. Whatever tasks you need to do on your mobile device, the PL10 can give you the power to accomplish them. It has a large 10,000mAh polymer battery which allows for fast charging. With this big of a battery capacity, you can give most smartphones two full charges.

Created for safe use
This Yoobao power bank comes with 9-way protection. This protects your device from issues like over-charging, short circuit, and over-voltage. It also has a built-in intelligent calculating system for current adaption. This analyzes your device and its charging phase to find out the most suitable current to charge it with. Plus, it's compatible with most devices. So whether you're an Apple devotee, Android fanatic, or user of other electronic gadgets, the PL10 matches perfectly with it.

Designed for fashion and function
Don't let this power bank's 10,000mAh battery intimidate you. Measuring 16mm thin and 0.185kg light, the PL10 is surprisingly slim and light. Its aluminum alloy shell gives off a sophisticated vibe. Constructed with both Lightning and USB output ports, it's a powerful combination of style and substance.

Power up now with the Yoobao PL10 Polymer Powerbank! Get yours today here at the Globe Online Shop.

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