Yoobao Q12 Quick Charge Powerbank

1400.00 PHP

Less charging time, more usage time

Designed with Yoobao's 3rd generation Quick Charge technology. The Q12 powers up gadgets 4 times faster than conventional charging.

More charging for more gadgets

The high 12,000mAh battery capacity is capable of fully charging smartphones and tablets up to thrice as much.

Safe design for your devices

Built with an intelligent charging calculating system. Power up your smartphones or tablets with the most suitable current.

No power outlet where you are? No problem! The Yoobao Q12 Quick Charge Powerbank has got you covered. With large battery capacity, Quick Charge innovation, and slim safe design, the Q12 charges your smartphones and tablets to keep them ready to use. Find out more about this fast charging powerbank.

Charge anywhere, anytime

Letting your phone stay dead because it ran out of battery is a thing of the past. This 12,000mAh power bank is a portable charger for your phones and tablets. The high battery capacity gives you more power and more recharges. Pack this handy powerbank and power up your gadgets wherever you need to go!

Enjoy faster charging speeds

The Q12 was created with 3rd generation Qualcomm Quick Charge technology. This upgraded innovation lets it charge your devices 4x faster than regular powerbanks and 27% faster than Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. Now you can allot less time for charging, and more time for actually using your device.

Designed for easy storage and secure usage

This Quick Charge power bank was created with a slim frame and a safe system. Its slender design lets you store it easily in your bag. Its 10-way protection and built-in intelligent calculating system allow for efficient current adaption. It charges your device with the most suitable current.

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