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MyFi Plan 299

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Tired of the hassle of logging into public WiFi networks in malls and getting slow internet access for a short period of time? Make the switch to MyFi Plan 299! Get a sufficient monthly data allocation and new pocket WiFi device for a budget-friendly price of P299 per month! Read more about your new plan.

Need to search something on the net while you’re at the mall or simply want to kill time while waiting for someone? Enjoy the 1.5GB data allocation your MyFi Plan 299 gives you every month. Send important emails, read feature articles, and browse your favorite social media accounts.
Enjoy a safe and stable connection even when you're out shopping! MyFi Plan 299 comes with a new mobile internet device. Get a Globe 4G Mobile WiFi for free and connect to the internet with speeds of up to 12Mbps!
Let your shopping companions and food trip buddies experience your fast Globe connection! Use your 4G Mobile WiFi as a portable WiFi hotspot and connect up to 10 users.

Apply for MyFi Plan 299 today! You can also check out other mobile WiFi plans here at the Globe Online Shop.

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Pair your shopping trips with a strong and stable internet connection. Enjoy a monthly data allocation of 1.5GB and a new mobile WiFi device with MyFi Plan 299! Get yours now!