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MyFi Plan 999

999.00 PHP

Enjoy your MyFi plan with this fun promo!


6-month subscription to Netflix
........Enjoy a 6-month subscription to Netflix when you apply for MyFi 999.

Liven up dull and dreary road trips with MyFi Plan 999! For only P999 per month, this new plan gives you a sizeable monthly data allocation, a portable WiFi device, and an additional entertainment freebie. Scroll down to learn more about this awesome plan.

Keep things fun and light for you and your companions! MyFi Plan 999 is packed with 8GB monthly data allocation which you can use to go online even when you're on the go. Watch movie trailers and music videos on YouTube, record funny and memorable moments on Snapchat, or battle in Gyms on Pokémon Go. Long road trips have never been this fun!
Enjoy a seamless connection whenever you need to travel! MyFi Plan 999 gives you a new mobile internet device. You can choose between two types - 4G Mobile WiFi or LTE Mobile WiFi. 4G Mobile WiFi has speeds of up to 12Mbps while LTE Mobile WiFi has speeds of up to 42Mbps. Let up to 10 users connect to it and experience the fast Globe internet.
Subscribers of MyFi Plan 999 get an additional entertainment freebie of a 6-month subscription to Netflix. Binge-watch award-winning shows, blockbuster films, and informative documentaries!

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Take your road trips and travel journeys to a whole new level of fun and entertainment! With MyFi Plan 999, you get a monthly data allocation of 8GB, a new mobile WiFi device, and a free 6-month subscription to Netflix. Apply now for MyFi Plan 999!