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Everyone can experience stronger connections wherever they are at home


Deco M5 is a whole home WiFi mesh system that improves your WiFi experience at home by eliminating WiFi dead spots and covering every room with strong WiFi signal.

Add a set of 2 units to your existing Globe At Home plan at a monthly fee of P300* for 24 months to enjoy an improved WiFi experience.

Whole Home WiFi

Eliminate WiFi dead spots at home for more reliable connection

Usage Monitoring

Monitor internet usage and set internet use limits

WiFi Security

Ensure members of the family are safe from malicious website & online viruses

Add to Existing Plan
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Add TP-Link to your Globe at Home Plan for only P150 per month for 24 months.

"Hook your home up with secure and reliable WiFi in every corner of with TP-Link WiFi Mesh! Don’t give in to the allure of boosters and extenders that sacrifice speed and signal strength for coverage. Get the most out of your Globe At Home Plan with TP-Link.

Unlike WiFi repeaters and signal extenders, WiFi Mesh doesn’t split up your home connection’s bandwidth. TP-Link WiFi Mesh technology creates a home network of your TP-Link devices that seamlessly pass your device among each other, giving you the best connection available. Say goodbye to WiFi blind spots!

TP-Link already comes with an anti-virus so you can rest assured you and your family’s connection is safe and secure. Want to go another step further with WiFi security? You can set up parental controls on the TP-Link router too, making sure that the kids are safe on the internet.

Create your secure WiFi bundle by getting TP-Link WiFi Mesh with your Globe At Home Plan! You can also check out our other broadband devices here at the Globe Online Shop! "