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General Description
These Special Terms supplement the provisions of the Subscription Agreement (“SA”)**and Terms and Conditions specific to the Globe At Home Plans (“T&C”) (the SA and T&C shall be collectively referred to as “Agreement”). In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the provisions of the SA and these Special Terms, the provisions of these Special Terms shall prevail as to the subject matter herein contained. All other terms and conditions of the Subscription Agreement not otherwise inconsistent with these Special Terms shall remain binding and effective.

Fast Lane Application and Installation for Globe Online
Customers who apply for a Globe at Home plan through the Globe Online Shop or through Globe Telesales will have a fast lane processing and installation SLA. Application requirements will be the same but due to the fast lane processing, installation will happen prior final verification and approval. Application for installed services may be disapproved at the sole discretion of Globe.

In the event that application is disapproved after installation:

  • 1. Globe will pull out the installed line inclusive of any freebies or devices (including modem and handsets)
  • 2. Costumer shall grant access to installation premises to retrieve freebies and devices
  • 3. Free contents shall be deactivated
  • 4. Calls made to non-Globe and international calls will be charged
Item Details
Plan These are the available plans:
Plan 1299 (10 Mbps) 500 GB
Plan 1699 (10/15/20 Mbps) Unli
Plan 1899 (30 Mbps) Unli
Plan 2499 (50 Mbps) Unli
Plan 2899 (100 Mbps) Unli
Plan 3499 (200 Mbps) Unli
Plan 4499 (500 Mbps) Unli
Plan 9499 (1 Gbps) Unli
ELIGIBILITY New Globe at Home applications done through Globe Online or through Globe Telesales
Existing Mobile Postpaid subscribers with no terminated
Globe At Home subscription for the past 6 months of application
Existing Mobile Postpaid subscribers who are also Globe At Home subscribers applying for an additional line in an installation address with no current Globe At Home subscription
Select existing Mobile Prepaid subscribers who have met the following parameters:
  • Tenure
  • Top-Up History
  • Data Usage Behavior

Note: All subscription applications are subject to Globe rules and policies. Globe’s decision on applications is final.
  • Any Valid ID
  • No outstanding balance with any other Globe line under the applicant’s name
Additional for plans 2499 and up Any of the following acceptable Proof Of Financial Capacities:
  • 1. Certificate of Employment with Compensation (COE)
  • 2. Computerized Pay slip
  • 3. Self-printed Pay slip
  • 4. Government Payroll/ Pay slip
  • 5. BIR Form 2316
  • 6. Latest ITR (BIR Form 1700 for employees)
  • 7. Competitor Mobile or Broadband Telco Bill
  • 8. Latest Power / Electricity Bill
  • 9. Latest Notarized Contract of Lease
  • 10. Latest Business/Mayor’s Permit with Gross Sales (for self-employed applicants)
  • 11. Latest ITR (BIR form 1701 for sole proprietor) with receipt stamped by BIR or accredited by the bank
FREE CONTENTS Amazon Prime Video (3 months)
HBO Go (3 months)
Viu (3 months)
KonsultaMD Family Plan (6 months)

Redemption of HBO Go, Viu, and Konsulta MD may be done via the Globe At Home app
Content access will be terminated for customers who will not give their confirmation to extend by the end of the free trial period.
Content access will be terminated for customers:
  • 1.) Whose application will not be approved and;
  • 2.) for approved application, who will not give their confirmation to extend by the end of the free period
Comes with:
  • - Unlimited Calls to Globe/TM for 24 months
  • - Unlimited Calls to local area Globe landline numbers
  • - Free Globe NDD Calls

*Calls made to non-Globe and international calls will be charged and are not covered by the promo.
INSTALLATION FEE Installation fee worth P1,000 to be paid be via installments over the first three monthly bills. (P333.33/month)

*Cannot be waived for pre-qualified properties, or coincide with certain promos
ADVANCED MSF Advanced 1 MSF (monthly service fee) to be collected during installation
MODEM FEE None for 24-month lock-up, unless pre-terminated. For no lock-up: P4,500 (VDSL and GPON
DEVICE AVAILMENT/FREEBIES Any device/freebies (e.g Android /Apple TV, Wifi Mesh,Samsung Smart Things, For Wired and Wireless Plans, etc) availed under the plan shall be returned when application is disapproved.

Installations made through Globe Online and Telesales are temporary in nature. All applications are subject to the conduct of full verification of documents and IDs submitted to confirm the identity of the applicant as well as approval of the application.

Other Policies
Other policies in the event of approval post verification will apply:

Billing charges will now be the MRF of the plan, and other charges of the following content tack-ons subject to availment and/or continuing availment by the Subscriber:

  • 1. HBO Go: P149/month starting on the 4th month
  • 2. Amazon Prime: Php 300/month starting on the 4th month
  • 3. Viu: P99/month starting on the 4th month
  • 4. KonsultaMD: P150/month starting on the 7th month

Upon activation of broadband account, customer has 60 days to redeem the free content vouchers. Globe reserves the right to add, delete or modify any or all of the offerings under

the Globe At Home plans. For more details, kindly visit

Globe At Home Fiber plans have minimum connection speeds of 30% of the subscribed speed at 80% minimum service reliability.

Upon full consumption of the monthly data allowance of capped plan, basic browsing speed of 256Kbps will apply. Subscriber must avail of Globe At Home Volume Boost to enjoy continued browsing at subscribed plan speed.

Pre-termination Fee
Standard Fees (modem fee plus 2 months MRF) will apply should subscriber decide to terminate his/her account at any time within the 24 month or longer (if applicable) lock-up period. Below are the applicable modem fees, depending on the plan availed:

Fiber, VDSL – P4,500

By checking "I hereby agree to the Terms & Conditions", subscriber hereby confirms that he/she has read and understood the foregoing Special Terms specific to the Globe At Home trial plans, Globe Terms and Conditions and Data Privacy Policy and that he/she agrees to be bound thereby**.

If Application is disapproved, customer will be informed via SMS and callout about the result and next steps within 24 hours. SMS and email to refund guide will be sent to customer within 24 hours after callout. Refund will be via the Globe Store

  • 1. Customer to visit any Globe Store nationwide and request for refund and return the modem and peripherals installed used in the plan
  • 2. Customer to present the following:
    • a. Valid ID submitted during application
    • b. Original Acknowledgement Receipt provided during installation
  • 3. Customer to return complete materials in good condition:
    • a. Modem
    • b. Telset
    • c. Devices
      • i. Adaptor
      • ii. RJ11 / RJ45
      • iii. LAN Cable
  • 4. Stores to conduct initial check on the surrendered materials to ensure in good condition and serial numbers are readable.
  • 5. Stores to refund the advance monthly service fee to the customer