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Xtreme Postpaid WiFi

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Want to learn more about our new Xtreme Entertainment plan?

Xtreme Postpaid WiFi

There’s nothing quite like lounging at home, browsing, streaming, and playing online at record speeds. It’s what every family deserves, so treat yours to a 3-in-1 modem with Xtreme Postpaid WiFi, and enjoy all-in-one internet and TV entertainment.

Xtreme Home Experience

Why settle for anything less than the ideal WiFi for your home? Tune in to local channels and binge-watch your favorite shows and videos online, obtain premium smart TV access, and sing along with the rest of your family on this karaoke-enabled device.

Xtreme Online Entertainment

Forget using up your internet data. Free yourself from the fuss because Xtreme Postpaid WiFi offers big data plans that will definitely suit you and your family's internet needs. It’s your key to a browsing, streaming, and playing experience unlike any other.

Xtreme Internet Quality

Access your favorite content, stream as much as you want, and enjoy reliable and lag-free connectivity for days on end. Whether you’re clocking out of an average workday or making the most of a long weekend, you’re guaranteed a smooth ride on the network.

Ready for the Xtreme Postpaid WiFi experience? Level up your home entertainment! Apply now, or learn more about Globe internet plans at the Globe Online Shop.